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Sink your teeth into a brand new novella from Stephenie Meyer…coming in June 2010

Posted on 13 April 2010 by Phillipa Mitchell

“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”


Fans of the Twilight Saga will be enthralled by the riveting story of Bree Tanner, a newborn vampire introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the world she inhabits. In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery and romance, the novella chronicles the newborn vampire army’s journey as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.

The novella was originally conceived as a short story for The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. “I’m as surprised as anyone about this novella,” said Stephenie Meyer. “It was simply an exercise to help me examine the other side of Eclipse. I thought the Guide would be a good fit for my Bree story. However, the story grew longer than I anticipated.”

The character Bree not only features prominently in the book Eclipse, but in the upcoming movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which will be released in South Africa on 30 June 2010. Director David Slade, who read a draft of the novella in preparation for filming, said, “I think fans are going to love the fascinating details involved in the loves, fears and actions of an emerging vampire.”

The book will also be available to be read for free on a dedicated website from June to July 5 2010

To pre-order this book from Red Pepper Books today for only R162 please click here

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Stephenie Meyer’s Summer Reading Picks

Posted on 18 August 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great summer. I’m sorry I don’t update more, but it’s crazy how busy you can be without really having anything to update about. I decided to do an end of the summer recap like I did last year—just the books and music and movies I enjoyed most. I love to share good stuff.stephenie meyer

First books. I didn’t have a ton of time to read this summer, but I did discover one really wonderful two-book series. Dreamhunter and Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox. It is like nothing else I’ve ever read. The characters are so real, you’ll feel like you know exactly what they look like and how their voices sound and what they would say or do in any given situation. More than that, you’ll want to hang out with them. Then the world is so amazing and unique. You will want to go there. You will want to walk into “the Place.” And you will want to sleep in a dream opera.

I also got an early look at a book I’ve been eagerly awaiting: Catching Fire, the sequel to Suzanne Collins’ phenomenal The Hunger Games. It not only lived up to my high expectations, it surpassed them. It’s just as exciting as The Hunger Games, but even more gut wrenching, because you already know these characters, you’ve already suffered with them. Suzanne takes the story places I wasn’t expecting, and she’s never afraid to take it to very hard places. Stunning. You won’t sleep when you’re reading this one. It hits shelves September 1st. I suggest beginning in the early morning and clearing your calendar for the day.

Then music. No matter how busy I am, I can always listen to music, so I have a longer list of recommendations here. So, awesome CDs I discovered this summer:

I really should have known about Meese a while ago, but thanks to a mislabeled CD mix, I didn’t realize Meese was responsible for one of my favorite songs until I went to their concert. And then I was glad that I already loved them, because the guys in Meese are possibly the nicest people in the world.

Then some albums that I’ve had for a while now, but that I can’t stop listening to:

Seriously, Elbow owns my ipod right now.

Also musical, I got out to a few good concerts. Meese was with Jack’s Mannequin and The Fray—lovely. If you haven’t seen these guys live, do. And then I got to go see Blue October again. I love their shows. You can’t really know Blue October until you see them live. It’s an amazing experience.

And finally movies. Mostly when I get out to a movie, it’s a kid’s movie. So Pixar’s Up was the highlight of my summer. And then this Saturday I went to see an actual grown-up people movie, yay! Admittedly, I went to see the New Moon trailer on the big screen (yes, I’m a total dork. Who cares? It was worth it). But then I stayed to see Bandslam because the reviews were so good, and I was glad I did. With my hopeless love of music coupled with my total lack of musical ability, I really dug Will. He’s my hero right now. It had a good soundtrack, as one might expect, a lot of very quotable one-liners, and it turned upside down some of those lame female-interaction stereotypes. It’s a good time.

So that’s my “How I Spent My Summer.” I hope you guys had a really good time this summer, and found some great stuff of your own. I love this world full of stories and songs waiting to be discovered! And I also love you, the awesome Twilight (and maybe a few Hosts, too) fandom. I stalk your websites all the time—you guys are hilarious (I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies). I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in November for a little movie release that I’m excited about. Too many months to go!


Article taken from Stephenie Meyer’s official web site at http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/index.html#54

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Stephenie Meyer faces plagiarism claim

Posted on 05 August 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

A writer has claimed that parts of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling 2008 novel Breaking Dawn were plagiarised from her own 2006 novel The Nocturne.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ links to a PDF of a letter sent from the law firm representing Jordon Scott to Hachette Group USA, which described “a striking and substantial similarity” between the two novels, and included several pages of comparative text from both.

The letter claimed that “since The Nocturne was posted on the internet [as early as 2003], Ms Meyer had access to it”.

It goes on to request Hachette contacts the law firm, Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP, “to discuss how your client intends to cease and desist from any further copyright infringement and to compensate my client for her damages”. 

However, a spokesperson for the publishing house told TMZ: “The claim that Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.”

www.thebookseller.com 5/8/2009

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