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Celebrate a greener earth with Red Pepper Books this Arbour Week and do your bit for the Environment!

Posted on 03 September 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell


Celebrate a greener earth with Red Pepper Books this Arbour Week and do your bit for
the Environment!  

Green Earth



If you know nothing about how to do this, then we’ll teach you when you register on the website.

We will also be sending out packets of organic seeds, kindly sponsored by Midgard, to customers who have books ready to ship over the next 2 weeks. The more books you order, the more seeds we’ll be sending you ;-) And in turn, the more you can plant!

Every day, hundreds of new people and companies are uniting in a stand against a synthetic system that is not delivering. From hanging planters in flats to entire offices being converted into blossoming gardens, this is what is being planned when Planting Season kicks off. Seeds are being donated, employees mobilised and families are preparing for great a night in with the Greens.
We have also put together a great selection of books to help each one of us do our bit for this beautiful planet that we live in! Have a look at what we have on offer by scrolling down or clicking on this link to our web site…

Happy Reading and happy planting!
The Red Pepper Team 

The 22nd of September is the Spring Equinox. On this day, Red Peper Books, in partnership with Planting Season request that a million South Africans plant an organic vegetable. Just one, that’s all. If you’re a gardener, then it should be easy for you.  

Nature is the new world order. She is the hand that feeds us and gives birth to us. We have forgotten this and it is time we came back home. She is waiting.


“This is the world we live in, 
And these are the hands we’re given.
Stand up and let’s start trying
To make this a place worth living in




Green Business

Green BusinessGreen Business

If you want to go green then understand the business argument for adopting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible principles. You’ll find out how to change your business culture and establish long-term environmental and business goals.

Plus, tips, dos, don’ts and taboos, highlights on key subjects, ‘SOS’ hints on what to do in a particular situation and real-life case studies explain how to communicate your green strategy to staff and sell your message to customers. Read it cover to cover, or dip in and out of topics for quick reference.

Handy tips in a pocket-sized format – take it wherever your business takes you.

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781405331555 (ISBN-10: 1405331550)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 72pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 03 Nov 2008
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Red Pepper Price: R100.00 (incl.)

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to order online now and save up to 15%!

Organic Growing with Worms

By: David Murphy

We live in rapidly changing times. Global warming is having a substantial impact on our way of life. We need to adapt to some of the changes, and transform the way we live to prevent or at least slow others. Worms can help. They have been on earth for 650 million years and survived more change than any other animal.

Organic growing with worms contains all you need to know to:

introduce worms to your soil
create an instant garden bed
recycle household waste
build your own wormery
set up a waste management system
and much more.

An expert in worms and organic waste stabilisation, David Murphy writes from experience in his own entertaining style. His book will help you to cultivate worms to your advantage – in your backyard or on your farm, or as a commercial worm grower, a waste manager or a conservationist

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9780670041749 (ISBN-10: 0670041742)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 304pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia
Publication Date: 02 May 2005
Country of publication: Australia
Red Pepper Price: R170.00 (incl.)
Click here to order online now and save up to 15%!

The New Book of Self-Sufficiency

By John Seymour
Make the break, realise the dream and start living The Good Life! with John Seymour. The new edition of this enduring classic from the founding father of modern self-sufficiency, John Seymour, is still the key reference to living off the land. Covering all the practicals from ploughing fields to milking cows as well as information on how to create an urban organic garden and harness natural energy, this is perfect for anyone aspiring to the self-sufficient lifestyle. Packed with Seymour’s tried-and-tested tips and invaluable nuggets of advice, discover how to reap the harvest, respect the land, stay healthy and waste nothing.

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781405345101 (ISBN-10: 1405345101)
Format: Hardback
No of Pages: 408pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 01 Sep 2009
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Red Pepper Price: R400.00 (incl.)
Click here to order online and save up to 15%

Green Babycare
Green BabycareGreen Babycare

By Susannah Marriott

A DK Made with Care book is created using the best ethical and environmental practices possible. Our back cover shows you how we have made this book differently and gives the book’s environmental footprint. We have taken great care to source local printers, FSC paper (Forest Stewardship Council) and to use only non-hazardous vegetable inks. Plus we only use printers who look after their workers.

Millions of nappies are thrown away every day and much of baby care is far from environmentally friendly; find out how you can make a difference by choosing greener lifestyle choices for you and your family.

Discover how to feed, clothe, clean, entertain and transport your baby in a greener way. Pick up practical step-by-step advice on using alternatives to chemical products; from how to change a reusable nappy to making a lotion for nappy rash.

“Green action boxes” feature practical solutions to suit your lifestyle: from recycling toys (light green) to using washable nappies (deeper green).

For parents who want to make a difference to the environment and protect their baby’s future planet.

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781405331128 (ISBN-10: 1405331127)
Format: Hardback
No of Pages: 192pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 01 Apr 2008
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Red Pepper Price: R220.00 (incl.)
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Ban the Plastic Bag
Ban the Plastic bagBan the Plastic Bag

By Rebecca Hoskins

 Every year 17 billion carrier bags are given away free in the UK – that means an average of 300 carrier bags for every man, woman and child in Britain. Plastics do not biodegrade. Scientists now estimate that plastic lasts for at least 1000 years. Every carrier bag that has ever been produced is still on the planet, in landfill, hedgerows, or floating in the sea. Plastic bag litter is lethal, killing over 100,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals, whales and turtles every year. In May 2007, Modbury in South Devon became Britain’s first plastic bag free town. This book takes the Modbury story and uses it as a call to action, entreating every village, town and city in the country to follow Modbury’s example and Ban The Plastic Bag.


Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781906136161 (ISBN-10: 1906136165)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 240pp
Publisher: Alastair Sawday Publishing
Publication Date: 30 Oct 2008
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Dewey Code: 363.7288

Red Pepper Price: R60.00 (incl.)

Click here to order online now and save up to 15%

Waste: The True Cost of What the Global Food Industry Throws Away
WasteWaste: The True Cost of What the Global Food Industry Throws Away

By Tristram Stuart 

With shortages, volatile prices and nearly one billion people hungry, the world has a food problem – or thinks it does. Farmers, manufacturers, supermarkets and consumers in North America and Europe discard up to half of their food – enough to feed all the world’s hungry three times over. Meanwhile, in the developing world crops rot because farmers lack the means to process, store and transport them to market. Forests are destroyed and global warming accelerated growing food that will never be eaten. But there are surprisingly painless remedies to what has become one of the world’s most pressing environmental and social problems. Introducing us to a motley cast of foraging pigs, potato farmers, freegans and food industry directors, and travelling from Yorkshire to China, from Pakistan to Japan, Stuart encounters grotesque examples of profligacy, but also inspiring ways of making the most of what we have. Combining front-line investigation with the analytical skills demonstrated in his acclaimed history, The Bloodless Revolution , Stuart’s new work is essential reading for anyone keen to understand how our waste has created a global food crisis – and how we can fix it.
Book Details

ISBN-13: 9780141036342 (ISBN-10: 0141036346)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 448pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 02 Jul 2009
Country of publication: United Kingdom

Red Pepper Price: R170.00 (incl.)

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The Big Earth Book

  Big earth book
by James Bruges 
Explores environmental, economic and social ideas to save our planet. This book helps us understand what is happening to the planet, exposes the actions of corporations and the lack of action of governments, weighs up technologies, and champions innovative and viable solutions.
Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781906136123 (ISBN-10: 1906136122)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 288pp
Publisher: Alastair Sawday Publishing
Publication Date: 04 Sep 2008
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Red Pepper Price: R220.00 (incl.)
Click here to order online now and save up to 15%!

Ecological Intelligence
Ecological IntelligenceEcological Intelligence

By Daniel Goleman 
Most of us want to make the right choices as consumers. But how can any one individual’s choices make a difference? And, more importantly, what are the right choices? In this provocative new book Daniel Goleman shows that everything about what we buy and why is about to change. To date, he argues, our consumer thinking about issues such as the environment, health hazards or child labour has been one-dimensional, focusing on single problems in isolation from the rest. Our ‘green’ awareness is so superficial we often do more harm than good by ignoring the adverse impacts of the far vaster proportion of what we buy and do. Ecological Intelligence shows how the phenomenon of radical transparency – the availability of complete information about all aspects of a product’s history – is about to transform the power of consumers and the fate of business. Companies will no longer be able to control their own reputations. For the first time what they say will matter far less than what they actually do. They will be genuinely accountable. Ecological Intelligence sends a fresh and hopeful message to readers. By mobilizing consumers to create an enormous market force for virtuous business decisions, it is the essential handbook for understanding the coming information revolution.
Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781846141805 (ISBN-10: 184614180X)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 288pp
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 28 May 2009
Country of publication: United Kingdom
Red Pepper Price: R230.00 (incl.)
Click here to order online now and save up to 15%

Going Green: 365 Ways to Change our World
Going Green 365 Ways To Change Our WorldGoing Green: 365 Ways to Change our World

By Simon Gear
Everyone is talking about greening their lives, the state of the planet andglobal warming, but most people don’t know how to get involved.
 This book. written by South Africa’s most popular weather man and climatologist, will help readers ‘go green’ one day at a time. Filled with simple and easy-toimplement tips and steps on how to decrease your carbon footprint and make the world a more sustainable place, Going Green is the perfect beginner’s guide. The tips are divided into categories such as Home, Office and Garden. and all prove the point that saving the environment need not be an expensive or time-consuming activity. In fact, by implementing these tips into daily life readers may end up saving more than just the environment!
Book Details

ISBN-13: 9780143025931 (ISBN-10: 0143025937)
Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 380pp
Publisher: Penguin Books (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Publication Date: 01 Mar 2009
Country of publication: South Africa
Red Pepper Price: R140.00 (incl.)
Click here to order online now and save up to 15%


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We specialise in hunting down hard-to-find and out of print books as well, and certainly live up to our company motto: If it’s out there, we’ll find it!

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