New Book Alert: Love in the Time of Contempt: Consolations for Parents of Teenagers

Posted on 17 February 2015 by Phillipa Mitchell

We’re SO excited about Joanne Fedler’s new book, Love in the Time of Contempt: Consolations for Parents of Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, truth is way scarier than fiction. Joanne Fedler draws upon LOVE IN THE TIME OF CONTEMPT COVher own current experiences as the parent of two teenagers as well as interviews with other parents of teenagers to explore some of the numerous issues that one confronts as a parent of a teenager.

In Love in the Time of Contempt, she skilfully guides us through the myriad issues that come before you –their changing, developing bodies, drinking and drugs, sex, friendships, appearance, relationships within the family, attitudes and ethics, schooling and authority, and more.

In her exploration of these issues and how they may manifest in our children, Joanne highlights how so much our dealings with our teenagers is really about dealing with ourselves and being honest about our reactions. In turn we too examine our own values and behaviours to understand our lives together.

Love in the Time of Contempt provides comfort and support as the reader recognises the real behaviours portrayed in the book (You are not alone!), and while there are not often easy answers for troubling behaviours, understanding goes a long way and empowers the parent to provide the right level of support in the best interests of all. How much and how little are questions which plague every parent and this book’s wise counsel helps us to determine that for ourselves.

About the author, Joanne Fedler

Joanne FedlerJoanne Fedler offers guidance in what can be a very trying and difficult time: your child’s transition into adulthood. Unlike the other books available on the subject that come from a scientific perspective, Love in the Time of Contempt is an informal, comforting counsel for parents, full of first-hand experience penned by a mother of two teenagers. It also speaks to an existing market: speakers and courses on the subject, offered by secondary schools, are high in attendance.

Joanne Fedler is an internationally bestselling author of eight books including When Hungry, Eat. Her books have sold over 600 000 copies worldwide. She graduated from Yale with a Masters of Law, is an ex-women’s rights advocate, law lecturer, and was once made Asshole of the Month by Hustler magazine for her work against violence pornography.

She is an inspirational speaker and writing mentor and takes women on writing retreats and adventures. She writes for various magazines and newspapers. Joanne was born in South Africa and now lives in Sydney where she is married to Zed, with two teenagers and two cats.

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