Matriculant? Graduate? Two Books You Need to Read Now!

Posted on 01 September 2013 by Olivia Colville

The month of August saw the release of two titles every matriculant or graduate should read before making their way in the world.

Welcome to the Real World: A Young Person’s Guide to Figuring it All Out is the go-to-guide for anyone leaving Welcome to the Real World: A Young Person's Guide to Figuring It All Outhome for the first time. Whether you’re taking a gap year or living on your own for the first time, this book includes all the advice you need to help you stand on your own two feet. With helpful chapters on travelling, managing your money, looking after your health and the hard facts about drugs, just having a copy handy will make you feel more confident about handling unfamiliar situations with poise and confidence.

Written by Alex Ferguson-Williams and Lisa Kretschmer – two fun-loving girls who have travelled, worked and lived in some extraordinary circumstances. Now they’re sharing the wisdom they’ve gained in an entertaining, easy to read book that’s packed with practical advice.

Another must-have book is Shelagh Foster’s Your First Year of Work: A Survival Guide. Your First Year of Work: A Survival GuideSo many young matriculants and graduates enter the market place poorly prepared to face the challenges of the working world.

Shelagh’s book will guide you through the process from begining to end. From structuring a CV that will make you stand out and tips to get you through the interview, to advice on how to dress and behave appropriately and everything you need to know about decoding office culture.

Shelagh is a communications expert and will show you how to use written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills to shine in your career.

Any young person armed with these two guides is bound to make a successful of their lives (and make their parents proud!).



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