The Keys to Persuasion – Master the Art of Persuasion Today

Posted on 12 April 2013 by Olivia Colville

Acquire the power to change someone’s mind…Keys to Persuasion

Why is it so important for us to acquire the skill of persuasion? The answer is simple: every day of our lives, we need to persuade someone of something, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives. Whether you are convincing a colleague to buy into a new initiative, pitching an important deal to a client or trying to convince your five-year-old to go to bed, you are persuading someone of something. And although we all persuade in one way or another, very few of us excel at it.

This book reveals the most effective keys – and the one golden key – that can turn you into a master persuader who can influence and change the minds of others. It explores the psychological bases and reasons why the keys work and contains many fun and effective examples of how to use them.

Based on well-documented research, The Keys to Persuasion is a fascinating and highly practical book that makes a difficult task and a complex subject concrete, accessible, lively and amusing.

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