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Red Pepper Books is profiled on Summit TV’s The Big Small Business Show

Posted on 05 February 2013 by Phillipa Mitchell

Red Pepper Books has been profiled by Summit TV on their “Big Small Business Show” – click here to check the show out…


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THE BIG SMALL BUSINESS SHOW – Broadcast: 18 December 2012Click here for previous episodes

In episode 48 of the Big Small Business Show today, the following will be featured:

  1. Phillipa Mitchell, owner of Red Pepper Books, unpacks the world of a specialist online bookshop
  2. Nikki Viljoen from Viljoen Consulting gives advice on how to overcome fear
  3. Pam Hill from Hillside Beverages gives an update on how her business has grown since she appeared on the show
  4. Tebogo Skwambane from Monitor Group gives feedback on research done amongst SME owners
  5. Catch the funny moments from our recordings throughout the year

That’s The Big Small Business Show this week.

Click to view this week’s episodeClick to view previous episodes

Sponsored by MTN and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth small business advice whether they already have a successful business, one they’d like to grow or start from the ground up. Summit TV Senior Anchor, Candy Guvi hosts the show, and well-known small business guru Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp will interview studio guests extensively about how to improve and grow their current businesses.

Tips and advice from established entrepreneurs will be featured, as well as information on how to start “popular” businesses, such as guest houses, food franchises, or for those with a nose, maybe even a wine farm. Current trends, such as the latest gadgets that help business owners work more efficiently and consumer spending habits will be spotlighted. And for simple no-nonsense know-how, expert guests will offer advice on make or break aspects of running a small business such as how to hire and fire, marketing and increasing sales.

Watch this show on Mondays at 21:10, with repeats on Tuesdays at 09:10, Wednesdays at 16:30 and Fridays at 18:10.

If you are an SME owner, please click on this button to find out if you qualify for the monthly bursary we give away, and then enter!

View this week’s episode here:

Part 1

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Fresh off the Press! Notes on South African Income Tax 2013 by Phillip Haupt

Posted on 05 February 2013 by Phillipa Mitchell

 Happy Tuesday Pepperlanders!
“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein …
Notes on South African Income Tax is written by Phillip Haupt, a leading tax consultant in South Africa. Phillip Haupt deals with2013CoverFA complex tax problems, and works predominantly with leading audit firms, law firms and businesses. What makes Notes on South African Income Tax exceptional is its relevance to real world tax problems. As a leading tax consultant, Phillip Haupt has the advantage of dealing with a variety of clients. Thus, distilled within its pages is knowledge and expertise that have been gained through years of dealing with these clients on a variety of tax problems. As leaders in their respective fields, Phillip’s clients provide insights and specialist knowledge across a range of disciplines, the combination of which makes Notes on South African Income Tax the only publication with descriptive, intuitive, insightful and clear explanation and application of the law. Imagine you could read a specialist book which had the knowledge of an entire industry’s top thinkers distilled by the leader in its field.
Notes on South African Income Tax is this publication. For 32 years Notes on South African Income Tax has been the leading tax textbook and tax reference book in South Africa. It has set the standard for others to follow and emulate.
Additional material (such as the new chapter on Corporate restructurings, Mergers & Acquisitions) arises out of Phillip Haupt’s extensive tax consulting experience, and knowledge of what is important to tax practitioners and students alike. The following chapters have undergone extensive change in the 2013 edition:
* Partnerships, companies and close corporations
* Corporate restructurings, Mergers and acquisitions
* Dividends, dividends tax & secondary tax on companies
* Foreign income & non-residents
* Retirement benefits & planning
* Miscellaneous provisions
* Capital gains tax
* Value-added tax
Click here to order now

ISBN-13: 9780874929680

Our price: R640.00 (Save R40)

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