How Rich People Think, by Steve Siebold

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Phillipa Mitchell

In How the Rich Think, the 31st book in our series of books to read before 2012 is out, Steve Siebold, who recently visited South Africa to promote his book, will show you how to think like a millionaire, and in turn become one. He completely debunks what he refers to as “Middle Class” thinking and replaces each thought with a new¬†type of thinking¬†– that of “World Class” thinking.

Take a look at some of his theories below and see which side you resonate with. If you’re on the side of the Middle Class and you want to live a fulfilled life without ever worrying about money again, then it’s time to start thinking with a World Class mentality…

Middle Class waits for their ship to come inWorld Class builds their own ship

Middle Class believes money is about statusWorld Class believes money is about freedom

Middle Class is waiting to be rescued from financial mediocrityWorld Class knows no one is coming to the rescue

Middle Class has a lottery mentalityWorld class has an action mentality

Middle Class sees money as a finite resourceWorld Class sees money as an infinite resource

Middle Class focuses on pleasurable activitiesWorld Class focuses on money making activities

Middle Class thinks about spendingWorld Class thinks about investing

Middle Class worries about running out of moneyWorld Class thinks about how to make money

Middle class longs for the good old daysWorld Class dreams of the future

Middle Class dreams of having enough money to retireWorld Class dreams of having enough money to impact the world

Middle Class experiences good fortune and can’t believe itWorld Class experiences good fortune and wonder what took so long

We all deserve to be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. We’re only going to get there if we start thinking wealthy thoughts and changing our attitude towards wealth and money.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living a life most people only see in movies, study this book like a scientist.

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