“Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind”, John Kehoe’s new book, is now available

Posted on 14 February 2012 by Phillipa Mitchell

Not since John Kehoe released his ground breaking book Mind Power 25 years ago has such a compelling vision been revealed to us.

In Quantum Warrior – The Future of the Mind, John Kehoe combines the most up-to-date scientific discoveries with mystical teachings from our major religions to create a vision of the quantum warrior and the possibilities of our future as a species. With great insight he reveals the extraordinary mysteries of consciousness and the universe.

Quantum warriorship is a path to becoming a complete and integrated human being, a journey into the wonder of self and the universe. It reveals a new way to achieve success, happiness and personal fulfilment. This book teaches us the methods for fully incorporating these visionary techniques into our daily lives. For anyone wanting to learn about the mysteries of life and the vastness of human potential, this is the book to read.

In these difficult times, as we struggle to understand today’s complex and challenging world, we look for answers to gain insight and clarity. Kehoe explains in his new book that there is a way of living that can transform everything. He describes:

– How to play the cosmic and monopoly game

– Aligning the four energetic parts of who we are: body, mind, subconscious and soul

– Unleashing our full capacity as human beings

– The quantum laws that make us powerful

– The mythology of the Quantum Warrior

– The seven practices of a Quantum Warrior

– Appling new quantum techniques for success and happiness

– Experiencing a more empowered way of living the life we are meant to live

– Awakening more deeply to who we truly are

– Conscious Evolution and how our personal growth assists in this process

About the author, John Kehoe:

For over three decades, John Kehoe has earned worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in the field of mind power and consciousness. He is an author, speaker and socially conscious individual dedicated to teaching individuals the ways to harness their amazing human potential.

John has lectured on every continent and his seminal book, Mind Power Into the 21st Century, has topped bestseller lists in over a dozen countries selling over 2 million copies. His teachings reveal the powers we all possess within and the means by which each individual can shape his or her destiny.

In 1975, John Kehoe withdrew to the wooded seclusion of the British Columbia wilderness to spend three years in intensive study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human mind. During this time, Kehoe developed the first straightforward and successful program for developing Mind Power. In 1978, he began travelling and teaching people the principles he had formulated, and the phenomenal success of his speaking tours soon grew to encompass the world.

Kehoe’s books have become international publishing triumphs, topping bestseller lists around the world. Previous to the new release of Quantum Warrior | The Future of the Mind, John had written four other books, Mind Power into the 21st Century, Money, Success & You, A Vision of Power and Glory, The Practice of Happiness and Mind Power for Children.

In 2002, another calling similar to the one Kehoe had so many years ago led him to take a 3-year listening sabbatical. What transpired during these three years was a powerful new vision of what is possible for the human species, which he outlines in his new book Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind.

Now Kehoe begins a whole new chapter in his life as he tours the world with his new vision, teaching the advance methods of quantum warriorship and the path of the Quantum Warrior.

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