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Educational Software for Children from Pre-School to Grade 12

Posted on 26 September 2011 by Phillipa Mitchell

Red Pepper Books has put together a great selection of supplementary material (software, books and e-learning material, most of which has been developed for the South African curriculum, for parents, teachers and learners alike. Our range of supplementary material is great for parents (and teachers!) who are looking to enhance their child’s knowledge base or who are looking for additional material to assist their children (or students!) with the learning process…




Schooligans is a series of four programs jam-packed with comprehensive phonics, spelling, reading, grammar, maths and thinking exercises in a structured learning environment that is fun to use and educationally sound. Each
program challenges students to achieve their personal best while enjoying a very real and positive learning experience.

This software is suitable for all mainstream students who are developing their reading acquisition, basic mathematics and thinking skills. It is also suitable for students who require practice and revision, and those with mild learning difficulties.

* Fully narrated * 4 difficulty levels * 6 subjects * engaging graphics * achievement tracking * genuine skill-building activities *
instant feedback * positive reinforcement * printable results & certificates.

R265.50 for a single user home license, and R2164.50 for a multi-user schools license

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Big Boet! is the most comprehensive educational software series available in South Africa. This fun educational program is bilingual and recommended for learners from Preschool right up to Grade 7.

Big Boet! is a user friendly program that helps the learner to become a self-directed learner through the development of cognitive skills and creative thinking.

Skills Developed:

Reading – Mathematics – Thinking – Spelling – Memory

Report and analysis

The database of this programme can store 1000 names. The results obtained during the exercises are listed against each learner’s name on a daily basis. An analysis may be viewed to find the learner’s strong and weak learning areas.


5 in 1 proven methods to improve marks.

Bilingual (English and Afrikaans) local educational software.

Package allows your child to practise his own, and to become a self starter.

Concentrates on the 5 foundational skills every child needs to develop and grow in life, MATHS, SPELLING, THINKING, MEMORY, READING

All activities based on games – so the child enjoys learning – fully interactive.

A printable progress report available for each child.

Contains 5 levels of difficulty per category.

Help improve hand-eye coordination and computer skills

R265.50 for single-user home edition copy

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Score More products have been designed for Mathematics and Physical Sciences for Grades 10,11 and 12. The Score
More products support the National Curriculm Standard of South Africa and feature the following:

  • Rich animated lessons to help students understand complex lessons easily
  • Interactive simulations to reinforce understanding and apply what they’ve already learnt
  • Solved exam papers for exam preparation
  • Formative assessments for skills building
  • Printable worksheets to consolidate learning
  • A Test Centre for building confidence in a test environment

R265.40 for a single home-user license

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