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News from The Pepperazzi – Kitty Kelley’s Latest – Oprah: A Biography

Posted on 21 May 2010 by Phillipa Mitchell

Kitty Kelly’s Oprah: A Biography has set tongues wagging all over the world. For the past twenty-five years, no one has been better at revealing secrets than Oprah Winfrey. Now Kelly turns the spotlight onto Oprah herself in this controversial unauthorized biography…

On what is arguably the most influential show in television history, Oprah has gotten her guests-often the biggest celebrities in the world-to bare their love lives, explore their painful pasts, admit their transgressions, reveal their pleasures, and explore their demons. In turn, Oprah has repeatedly allowed her audience to share in her own life story, opening up about the sexual abuse in her past and discussing her romantic relationships, her weight problems, her spiritual beliefs, her charitable donations, and her strongly held views on the state of the world.Kitty Kelley has, over the same period of time, fearlessly and relentlessly investigated and written about the world’s most revered icons: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, England’s Royal Family, and the Bush dynasty. In her #1 bestselling biographies, she has exposed truths and exploded myths to uncover the real human beings that exist behind their manufactured facades.

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ISBN-13: 9781868423255
Format: Hardback
No of Pages:
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Publication Date: 15 May 2010
Country of publication: South Africa

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From the Author of “Smacked” – Melinda Ferguson’s Latest – “Hooked”

Posted on 18 May 2010 by Phillipa Mitchell

Red Pepper Books and The Pepperazzi Reports bring you weekly highlights to keep you up to date with the hottest titles that publishing has to offer! This week’s highlighted title is “Hooked” by Melinda Ferguson.

In Hooked, Melinda Ferguson follows her powerful drug memoir Smacked with a brutally honest account of her post-addiction addictions – from self-help fads, to Oprah, to 12 step meetings, to men, to Facebook.

Hooked: Secrets and Highs of a Sober Addict
Author: Melinda Ferguson

What can be more difficult than breaking a drug habit? Simple: staying clean. How does an addict deal with a world in which instant gratification has become the norm? How does an addict break the cycle of use and abuse that has been their life for so many years? How does an addict balance kids, a career and a relationship while fighting to stay clean? How does an addict fill the hole in the soul? In this no-holds-barred account of her life after drugs,

Melinda Ferguson reveals just how easy it is for recovering addicts to slip back into the patterns of behaviour that led them to use in the first place. Provocative and often darkly humorous, she takes us to those ‘dangerous’ places that all addicts battle to avoid and shows us just what it takes to come back from the brink.

To see what you’re in for, click here to read an abstract of the book, published in The Sunday Times (online)…

Red Pepper Price: R 220.00
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ISBN-13: 9780143026365 (ISBN-10: 0143026364)
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Publication Date: 01 May 2010
Country of publication: South Africa

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About the author

Melinda Ferguson is a recovering drug addict whose life became a nightmare in her twenties when she began shooting heroin. She recounted her harrowing story of drug addiction in her memoir, Smacked. She headlines the Radio 702/Cape Talk Crime Line initiative, and she was a finalist in the First for Women/Triba Women of Courage award. Currently, she works as a features editor for True Love magazine.

Ferguson says, “I’m one of those people who went out there, lived a life and came back to write about it, and I’m blessed to be alive to do this.” Click here to read her blog.

Pepper Regards,
Phillipa and the Pepperazzi team at Red Pepper Books

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