South Africa Eats has been nominated for ‘Best Cookbook of the Year’

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

‘South Africa Eats’ by Phillipa Cheifitz, has just been nominated for the ‘Best Cookbook of the Year’ for the GourmandSA Eats World Cookbook awards which will be held in Paris next year.

Modern, accessible recipes that reflect our diverse cultural heritage and vibrant peoples…

Situated at the bottom of a continent teeming with culinary diversity, South Africa is home to a host of different cultures. Now leading South African foodie and bestselling author Phillippa Cheifitz provides a delicious sampler of the rich variety of South African culinary tradition in South Africa Eats.

Phillippa has asked 13 of SA’s leading foodies, from Dorah Sitole to Mariana Esterhuizen, about their family history, roots and influences – and, most importantly, for a few of their favourite recipes.

Inspired by these food traditions and contemporary South African culinary trends —‘We like it easy to make and delicious to eat,’ says Phillippa — she has also included some of her favourite ‘modern South African’ recipes (South Africa Eats includes approximately 80 recipes in total). Click here to look inside the book…

Click here to order the book from Red Pepper Books today for only R303.60 (incl.) – Retail price R345.00

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  1. Drew Says:

    Thanks Phillipa

    Hopefully we can continue our unbroken record (an award for each cookbook we have produced)

    Drew Hook (Quivertree Publications)

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