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Holiday Reading – Fun Ways to get Your Kids to Read More

Posted on 30 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

A wonderful article that has been shared with us by children’s author Fiona Ingram on using school holidays to get your kids to read…

Parents who are looking to increase their child’s enjoyment of books or improve reading and literacy skills can use thechildren_reading school holidays as a fun, relaxed way of introducing books to the agenda.

Ideally, one or both parents will be home at that time because getting kids hooked on books needs lots of parental input! The perfect child is an absolute bookworm, devouring regular piles of books with its proud parents seeing the results in their literacy and comprehension skills at school. Sadly, this is often not the case. Either school reading lists are uninspiring, or textbooks are boring, or there’s just too much other distracting ‘stuff’ going on. The holidays are perfect for remedying this. Parents can create lots of interesting, fun projects to do with their children to get them reading.

A Holiday Reading Plan Is Essential

toddlers-reading-booksDo not say “We’re going to read fifty books by the time school starts.” Instead say, “There are so many fun things to do this holiday. We should make a list so we don’t miss out on anything special.” Don’t mention books at all. Make a list of things to do together.

Maximize on Trips
Day trips are great because there’s lots of reading involved to prepare for it. Anything to do with nature is the perfect topic because most kids love animals and the outdoors. Take your pick: It could be to an animal park, a bird park, the zoo, a nature reserve, a theme park, or an aquarium. For Joburg holidaymakers, one brilliant trip would be to the Cradle of Humankind site. It has loads of interactive stuff to keep children of all ages fascinated. There’s also lots of reading material that accompanies their truly magnificent displays. Monte Casino Bird Park has memorable flying displays. Enjoy the birds and then read more about them at home.

Read All About It
Depending on your outing, next stop is a visit to the library to pick out relevant books to read up on the trip. Ask yourchildren-reading child’s opinion, or let them decide between two books. At the same time, select books for yourself and suggest your child gets their own library card. If the child does not take out a book right then, don’t worry. Whatever your holiday choices, make sure you incorporate reading wherever possible, either your before-hand reading, or else even just the information posted for example at the zoo. You the parent can encourage your kids to read to you all about the animal, or bird they’re seeing.

Creative Follow-Ups
A follow-up to that special trip leads to more creative opportunities. This is the ideal moment to say, “It’s a pity (favourite relative) couldn’t come with us. We can still share the fun though. Wouldn’t you like to write down what you saw while I sort out the photographs?” Plan for this in advance by purchasing an attractive blank-page album so the good deed becomes a full project, involving lots of writing.

Audio and Visual Appeal
Age-appropriate audio books are just perfect for any length of time in the car. Make it an adventure, something exciting involving action to keep your child riveted. But don’t stop there. Movies are a visual treat worth exploiting. Pick a movie you know is from a book. Have a fun afternoon at the movies with popcorn, and then on the way home say, “We should get the book!” After the visual stimulation and excitement, your child will not refuse. Buy the book and the movie. Besides, you must get the book just in case the movie makers left out something very important!

Children reading 1Letting Your Child Choose
When next you are browsing the book stores, let your child pick their own reading material. This does not have to be ‘good books.’ Boys are great fans of games (either video or sports), so a magazine devoted to the topic is a good way to spark interest. Girls love fashion, style or the antics of their favorite celebrities. Don’t worry about ‘good literature’ for the moment. Let them read whatever excites their interest.

Write it Down
A personal holiday diary is also a way of getting your child to write down feelings, experiences, updates, and ‘stuff.’ You can make it a shared experience by writing in it as well.

These are just a few interesting and fun ways to share the experience of reading, without shoving books under your child’s nose. Using books and reading skills creatively, the savvy parent can inspire their child to find pleasure in the written word and ultimately to make their own reading choices.

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Captain in the Cauldron: The John Smit Story, by Mike Greenaway

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Captain in the Cauldron: The John Smit Story 

 The longest serving captain in Springbok rugby history gives a revealing account of the simultaneous joys andCaptain in the Cauldron: The John Smit Story travails of one of the most challenging – and rewarding – jobs in sport in this much anticipated autobiography.

The genial, jovial and witty Rugby World Cup-winning captain explains how a tubby kid from Pietersburg with dreams of winning Wimbledon grew into his country’s most successful rugby captain.

Smit, renowned for his honesty and humility, gives an eyebrow-raising account of the ambushes awaiting rugby celebrities in this country and offers the secret to his longevity in a sport that eats the naïve and gullible for breakfast.

Besides Coach, Springbok Captain must be the most unforgiving job in South Africa. John William Smit is undeniably the most successful Springbok captain in history. Born in Pietersburg (Polokwane) South Africa on 3 April 1978, he was educated at the prestigious Pretoria Boys High school where he matriculated in 1996.

At PBH school he played for the schools first team from 1994 to 1996. It was also at PBH where his leadership abilities was first noticed when he was made head prefect in 1996. Smith made his debut for South Africa on June 10, 2000 at the age of 22 against Canada. On Saturday June 7, 2008 he played in his 76th test (vs Wales) which also was his 50th as captain.

As of 2005 Smit is one of South Africa’s most successful captains ever, having led the Springboks to victory in 16 of the 22 games that he captained, a win percentage of 72%. This makes him just as successful as other South African captains such as Gary Teichmann and Francois Pienaar.

Together with Jake White he lead South Africa to their second William Webb Ellis trophy on October 20, 2007. With predecessors like Francois Pienaar, Gary Teichman and Morne Du Plessis to name but a few, it is a mark of a great sportsman and a remarkable leader to be acknowledged as the best captain to ever lead the Springboks. Smit’s leadership qualities came to the fore in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, his calm under pressure and inspirational captaincy seeing South Africa win the William Web Ellis Trophy for the second time.

Smit led South Africa in the 2008 Tri Nations against Australia and New Zealand. In the first game against New Zealand in Wellington, he was spear tackled by New Zealand lock Brad Thorn who was suspended for one game. He missed the rest of the 2008 Tri-Nations because of a groin injury and veteran Springbok lock, Victor Matfield, led the side. About the Author Smit tells his story to Mike Greenaway the award-winning sports writer from The Mercury newspaper in KZN.

Greenaway has tracked Smit’s career from the day he arrived in Durban to join the Sharks as a 19-year-old after the Blue Bulls had shut the door in his face – and that is a chapter on its own! Published By: HIGHBURY SAFIKA MEDIA 125mm X 195mm/ 300pp / SC / ISBN 978-0-620-44751-5 / R 225/ Pub November 2009

Order this book from Red Pepper Books today and save! Click here to order…

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A Feast of New Cookbooks!

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Farm in my heartCalling all gastronomes, epicurians and hedonists! Welcome to this month’s gastronomic highlights for people who love food!  

The festive season is almost upon us – a time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and to ease up on strict eating habits and enjoy delicious meals! We’ve collected a wonderful variety of the latest gastronomic titles to inspire you and tantalise your taste buds. Fat duck cookbook
For something local, don’t miss A farm In My Heart for delicious home-made recipes, and Franschhoek Food showcases Franschhoek’s chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs and includes a few signature recipes from each restaurant. For more local dishes, Cooked in Africa is a celebration of Southern African places and culinary pleasures.
Looking further abroad, the ever-popular Jamie Oliver brings us Jamie’s America, which narrates Jamie’s epic journey into the heart of America and provides a tasty selection of recipes from different states. Exquisite Italian recipes appear in The River Cafe Classic Italian Cookbook,and The Italian Cookery Course is a unique compendium of famous recipes and lesser-known regional dishes. For something even more exotic, refer to Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey, a guide to the authentic food of Southeast Asia. 
Cooked in AfricaFor an entertaining and inspiring read, have a look at The Fat Duck Cookbook, which relates the history of The Fat Duck restaurant (twice voted the Best Restaurant in the World). This book charts the rise of Heston Blumenthal, self-taught chef, and introduces us to some of his signature recipes ­such as salmon poached with liquorice and chocolate wine.
For healthy, economical ideas, check out River Cottage Everyday or Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch contains over 400 recipes for cooking with vegetables. River Cottage Everyday
We’ve also included some titles for those of you have an interest in “green living”, organic food and sustainability. Refer to Grow to Live, Fruit & Nuts, The new complete book of Self sufficiency and A Greener Life for essential information on growing your own food and living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Click here to read more about these great new books and place your orders online with Red Pepper Books 

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South Africa Eats has been nominated for ‘Best Cookbook of the Year’

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

‘South Africa Eats’ by Phillipa Cheifitz, has just been nominated for the ‘Best Cookbook of the Year’ for the GourmandSA Eats World Cookbook awards which will be held in Paris next year.

Modern, accessible recipes that reflect our diverse cultural heritage and vibrant peoples…

Situated at the bottom of a continent teeming with culinary diversity, South Africa is home to a host of different cultures. Now leading South African foodie and bestselling author Phillippa Cheifitz provides a delicious sampler of the rich variety of South African culinary tradition in South Africa Eats.

Phillippa has asked 13 of SA’s leading foodies, from Dorah Sitole to Mariana Esterhuizen, about their family history, roots and influences – and, most importantly, for a few of their favourite recipes.

Inspired by these food traditions and contemporary South African culinary trends —‘We like it easy to make and delicious to eat,’ says Phillippa — she has also included some of her favourite ‘modern South African’ recipes (South Africa Eats includes approximately 80 recipes in total). Click here to look inside the book…

Click here to order the book from Red Pepper Books today for only R303.60 (incl.) – Retail price R345.00

SA eats 1

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How reading changed a little girl’s life, forever

Posted on 19 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Secret-of-the-Sacred-ScarabToday we received a very special letter from children’s author Fiona Ingram.

Fiona published her first book , The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, in December 2008  and children (and adults) from all over the world are devouring her adventure novel with relish. Red Pepper Books is fully behind Fiona, not just because she has written such a “cool” book, but because she’s a South African who is really making a difference. Fall in love with her like we did by reading her inspiring true story below…

Fiona IngramHello Red Pepper Books! I’d like to share with your readers something special relating to books: a wonderful, heartwarming story about a young girl’s discovery of the magical world of words. Perhaps parents reading this article might consider donating used or out-grown books to a library or reading centre in an underprivileged area. We take reading, easy access to books, and our gift of literacy very much for granted. However, for many children in South Africa, books are a luxury, literacy an almost unattainable skill, and empowerment through the written word a dream that is not likely to come true. We, as South Africans, can make such a difference in the lives of those around us. Let’s teach South Africa to read, one child at a time!

I don’t remember actually learning to read; it’s as if I always did. Although we grew up poor (five children to feed, clothe, and educate), my parents always had books in the house. And then of course, there were the books we inherited from my grandparents. My very old copy of The Wind in the Willows, with those simple yet beautiful illustrations, is still on my bookshelf. Ratty and Mole were my heroes (and still are!). Other old friends are The Secret Garden, with exquisite color plates, The Water Babies, Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series, my collection of the Lucy Fitch Perkins’ twin series, with her poignant stories of children of all eras and places around the world. I particularly loved Anne of Avonlea, The Little Princess and many others.

The list of children’s classics is endless and not so long ago I read them all over again. I ‘inherited’  a  foster child from a disadvantaged background. This little girl came to me at age eleven, practically illiterate, scoring only 19% for English at school. Opening the doors into the wonderful world of books seemed insurmountable because she simply did not understand the connection between the written and spoken word. What to do? Begin at the beginning seemed a good idea.mabel1

I started off with my old favourites and Mabel loved them. Suddenly, the words were not frightening because she was hearing about places and people she’d never imagined. She’d lean over my shoulder, breathing down my neck as I read, my finger tracing the words as I sounded them out. The pages began to surrender the magical words, and she found them enchanting! Fired with success, we moved onto the rest of the library, slowly devouring my children’s classic book collection in very tiny bite-sized pieces. I was still doing most of the reading.

One day, Mabel decided she’d help out with the books, and began reading to me. It was still incredibly slow but I began to see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We got movies of books, watched them, and then read the books, just in case the moviemakers had left out some important bits. We expanded our repertoire book by book. I found other ways to sneak words into her day, not just when we were doing ‘serious’ reading. She read recipes with me when we baked; she read the instructions on the packaging to me while we prepared dinner; she read advertisements to me when we shopped. Suddenly words were a constant part of her life.

Mabel also began to show her imaginative side at school. Her poems and creative writing pieces began to change, reflecting more color, bigger words, more complex themes and emotions. What a breakthrough! The final moment of success came when just recently she turned to my mother and said, “Gran, will you buy me a book?”

My mother nearly fell off her chair and replied, “You can have as many as you like, darling.”

Fiona and MabelMabel grinned. “Oh, then can you buy me all the Twilight books please?” Thank you Stephenie Meyer for being the first author Mabel ‘owns.’ (Apparently vampires rock.)

Her latest ‘own’ books? Inkheart, and The Golden Compass.

Her latest marks for English? A magnificent 75%.

“I can do much better,” she said, frowning. “I’m going to have to improve on this if I want to be a writer.”

I have now adopted Mabel, not having my own children, and I can say the greatest compliment is that she has decided to become a journalist or a novelist (just like me).

Recently I called her and, hearing her voice coming from her bedroom, asked, “What are you doing?”

Reply: “I’m reading!”

Music to any parent’s ears!

Fiona’s book is available from Red Pepper Books. Click here to read more or to order your copy today…

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New Book Alert: Pat Featherstone’s “Grow to Live”

Posted on 12 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell


Grow Your Own Good Food and Live Longer!

“A vitally important book, perfectly timed, for the extraordinary times ahead. There should not be a household without one”
Anthea Torr, editor of Biophile magazine

Jacana has just published Pat Featherstone’s “Grow to Live:  A Simple Guide to Growing Your Own Good, Clean Food”
The benefits of food gardens are many. They deepen our connection with nature, quieten our minds and create a new understanding of life. The food that is grown gives physical sustenance. The experience of growing it feeds the soul. Can we grow ourselves out of the environmental problems that overwhelm the planet today? There is hope that we can if we know how to get going and use the goods and services provided by Mother Nature that enable us to work in harmony with the environment. This beautiful and, above all, practical book will teach you all you need to know about growing your own food and is a celebration of the wonders of the natural world.
Order your copy of “Grow to Live” today from Red Pepper Books for only R198.00 – Click here…

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New Book Alert: Antjie Krog’s “Begging to be Black”

Posted on 11 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Antjie Krog’s long-awaited new book “Begging to be Black” has been published and was launched in Cape Town on thebegging to be black 10th of November 2009.

In 1992, a gang leader was shot dead by an ANC member in Kroonstad. The murder weapon was then hidden on Antjie Krog’s stoep. In Begging to Be Black, Krog begins by exploring her position in this controversial case. From there the book ranges widely in scope, both in time – reaching back to the days of Basotho king Moshoeshoe – and in space – as we follow Krog’s experiences as a research fellow in Berlin, far from the Africa that produced her.

Begging to Be Black is a book of journeys – moral, historical, philosophical and geographical. These form strands that Krog interweaves and sets in conversation with each other, as she explores questions of change and becoming, coherency and connectedness, before drawing them closer together as the book approaches its powerful end.

antjie krogExperimental and courageous, Begging to Be Black is a welcome addition to Krog’s own oeuvre and to South African literary non-fiction.

Antjie Krog was born in Kroonstad and grew up on a farm in the Free State. She has published eight volumes of poetry, several of which have been translated into European languages and have won local and international prizes. Down to My Last Skin, a collection of her poetry translated by her into English, won the inaugural FNB Vita Award for the best volume of poetry published in South Africa in 2000.

Krog and her SABC radio team received the Pringle Award for excellence in journalism for their reporting on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and she won the Foreign Correspondent’s Award for outstanding journalism for her Mail & Guardian articles on the TRC.

Country of My Skull was published in 1998 and won numerous awards, including the Alan Paton Award and the Olive Schreiner Award for the best work of prose published between 1998 and 2000. It was followed by A Change of Tongue in 2003 and Begging to Be Black in 2009.

Antjie Krog is married to architect John Samuel, and is the mother of four children.

Click here to order this book from Red Pepper Books today for only R193.60 (incl.)

Click here for photos and videos of the launch…

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Forthcoming Book Alert: Sasol SA Rugby Annual 2010 publishing 10 December 2009

Posted on 11 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Sasol Rugby Annual 2010The 2010 SA Rugby Annual is the official and definitive record of arguably the most successful season in the history of South African rugby.
Now in its 39th year and publishing on 10 December 2009, the SA Rugby Annual is regarded as one of the best yearbooks in the global game. Not only does it record the 250 first-class matches involving South African teams in 2009, but it also contains biographies of the 700 players who took to the field in those matches.
For the first time ever, the Annual also contains the names of every one of the hundreds of South African rugby players who took to the field in an official SA Rugby tournament – from the Tri-Nations to the Under-13 Craven Week; from the Varsity Cup to the National Club Championships; and everything in between. An updated historical section will also settle any argument, or answer any question about South African rugby, as it records every one of the 804 players to have pulled on the Springbok jersey since 1891 – from Benjamin Duff to Zane Kirchner.
The 2010 SA Rugby Annual paints an unbeatable picture of an unforgettable and unprecedented year in South African rugby, when the Springboks beat the British & Irish Lions and are world champions, Vodacom Tri-Nations champions and the number-one ranked team in the world; the Springbok Sevens team are the IRB world series champions; and the Vodacom Bulls are the reigning Vodacom Super 14 champions.
The 2010 SA Rugby Annual is the ‘bible’ of the game in South Africa, and essential reading for every coach, administrator, sponsor and fan – as well as an invaluable keepsake for every one of the players whose names appear in the book, thereby forever making them a part of a once-in-a-lifetime season they can tell their grandchildren about.
 About the Editors
Duane Heath is a well-known sports journalist and editor and the owner of Crossbar Media. He writes for, amongst others, the Sunday Times, Rugby World magazine and top SA sports agency MWP. He is also the editor of the official 2009 Super 14 Media Guide and was co-editor of the 2009 SA Rugby Annual.
Eddie Grieb has been the official statistician of the South African Rugby Union since 2007 and has recorded the unfolding history of SA rugby since 1975. He has contributed to the statistics and records section of the SA Rugby Annual since 1999, and was co-editor of the 2009 edition. He has done live Super 14 scoring for Supersport since 2006 and is the author of the recently released Springbok Miscellany, published by Jonathan Ball.
 ·         The book will be receiving media exposure and numerous rugby personalities will attend signings of the book at selected outlets across South Africa during December 2009.
·         No other book gives readers a definitive review of the 2009 South African rugby season.
·         The book is the perfect memento for any player, or the family of any player, whose name appears in the pages of the Annual.
·         The book contains some of the best images captured during the course of the 2009 South African rugby season, in full colour.
Place your order today with Red Pepper Books by clicking on this link and we’ll get it off to you as soon as it arrives.

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New Book Alert: Black Diamond by Zakes Mda

Posted on 09 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

Penguin books has just released Zakes Mda’s new book “Black Diamond

Kristin Uys is a tough Roodepoort magistrate who lives alone with her cat. She is on a one-woman crusade to wipe out prostitution in the town for reasons that have personal significance for her. Although she is unable to convict theBlack Diamond Visagie Brothers, Stevo and Shortie, on charges of running a brothel, she manages to nail Stevo for contempt of court and gives him a summary six-month sentence.

From Diepkloof Prison, the outraged Stevo orchestrates his revenge against the magistrate, aided and abetted by his rather inept brother Shortie and his erstwhile nanny, Aunt Magda, who believes mass action will force the powers that be to release Stevo.

Kristin receives menacing phone calls and her home is invaded and vandalised. Even her cat is threatened. The chief magistrate insists on assigning a bodyguard to protect her. To Kristin’s consternation, security guard Don Mateza moves into her home and trails her everywhere. Nor does this suit Don’s long-time girlfriend Tumi, former model and successful businesswoman, who is intent on turning Don into a Black Diamond sooner rather than later. And Don soon finds that his new assignment has unexpected complications which Tumi simply does not understand.

In Black Diamond, Zakes Mda tackles every conceivable South African stereotype, skilfully (and with the lightest touch) turning them upside down and exposing their ironies, often hilariously. This is a clever, quirky novel that captures the essence of contemporary life in Gauteng and will resonate with all South Africans.

zakes mdaZakes Mda (full names: Zanemvula Kizito Gatyeni Mda) is a South African writer, painter, composer and film maker. He commutes between South Africa and the United States of America, working as a professor of creative writing at Ohio University, as a beekeeper in the Eastern Cape, a dramaturge at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, and a director of the Southern African Multimedia AIDS Trust in Sophiatown, Johannesburg.

Click here to order this book from Red Pepper Books today for only R167.20. Free delivery on all orders over R375!

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JR Books to publish Stephenie Meyer biography – Bedazzled: A Book about Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Phenomenon

Posted on 09 November 2009 by Phillipa Mitchell

JR Books is publishing a biography of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer to coincide with the release of the movieBedazzled adaptation of her novel New Moon (Atom).

Bedazzled by George Beahm will be published on 20th November. Publisher Jeremy Robson paid a five-figure sum to acquire UK and Commonwealth rights from agent Scott Mendel of the Mendel Media Group.

Based on five years’ research, the book will provide the background to the four novels in the Twilight series. It features interviews with Meyer and the actors who starred in the movie adaptations of Twilight and New Moon.

Beahm has previously written The Stephen King Companion, Muggles and Magic: An Unofficial Guide to JK Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon, as well as other companion books on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and the novels of Patricia Cornwell, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and Philip Pullman.

During the Frankfurt Book Fair, The Bookseller revealed John Blake Publishing had acquired an unofficial biography of Meyer. Entitled Stephenie Meyer: Queen of Twilight, the book is due out in March.  

To order this book from Red Pepper Books today, please click here

Post courtesy of The Bookseller

More information from the author’s web site at

george beahmThe only book of its kind, Bedazzled is a companion-style book, illustrated with 50 photographs, that provides the Twilight fan with a wealth of information about Stephenie Meyer and the phenomenon Twilight spawned: 70 million copies worldwide, a blockbuster movie with a second one due out in November, and countless tie-in merchandising from clothes to calendars.
Written in a conversational tone, the book was written for first-time readers and devoted readers of all ages.
Here’s an overview of what’s in the book:
The Real World of Stephenie Meyer
To understand the phenomenon itself, one has to know a little about the author. Toward that end, this section contains an abbreviated chronology of her life, an interview with Meyer conducted by an Arizona journalist, the frequently asked questions readers have posed to her, an article about how Meyer spearheaded the effort to raise funds to help a bookstore employee overwhelmed with medical bills, selected quotes by Meyer culled from published interviews, a concordance to explain the people, places and things of importance in her life, an article about an independent bookstore called Changing Hands that Meyer champions, and a brief article about Meyer at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.
The Unreal World of Twilight Fiction
An essay about Bella Swan and her relationship with Edward Cullen. An article about how the Cullens represent a new breed of vampires, distinct from the traditional vampires of yesteryear. Two essays by Tessa Cox on Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, exploring the theme that they represent, respectively, the light side and dark side of the moon: They are complementary souls. An article about the availability of the Twilight Saga in the e-book format. An overview of the Twilight Saga, to include the forthcoming Midnight Sun, a rewrite of Twilight from Edward Cullen’s point of view. Information on where to go on the web to find Meyer’s private correspondence, extras, outtakes, and remixes, some of which will appear in her forthcoming reference work, The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide.
Twilight Fandom
An article listing the telltale signs that you’ve been smitten by Twilight. A parody of what a press conference is really like when Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner are present. An article about an annual celebration, Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks, Washington. A list of Twilight conventions worldwide. An article by Sara Gundell about a “Vampire” baseball game sponsored by Twilight Fan Trips at which some of the Twilight film stars were present. U.K. teenager Rachel Heaton’s 150 reasons why she loves Edward Cullen. Advice for young writers on how to pursue a career in writing and get their books published. A sampling of humorous slogans on t-shirts and bumper stickers available through Cafe Press and Zazzle, where fans can create their own Twilight-themed merchandise.Goerge Beahm Signing
Silver Scream
An article explaining how Twilight went from book to film. An article by Tessa Cox on what it was like to be at the San Diego Comicon, trying to get into the hall where the Twilight and New Moon film stars were present. An article about Twilight, the movie. The text of the press conference at Comicon with Stephenie Meyer. The text of the press conference at the Comicon that featured Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. The text of the press conference at the Comicon to promote New Moon at which director Chris Weitz and some of the film principals were on hand to discuss the upcoming film. Information about the film adaptations of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. A profile of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. A profile of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. A profile of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. An article on how to get cast in one of the Twilight movies. Information about a documentary to be distributed by Summit Entertainment, Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town.
For readers wanting more information, this section provides a wealth of references: books, audiobooks, official tie-in books, movie DVDs, music CDs, unofficial books, critical texts, biographies, miscellaneous and forthcoming books, websites, travel books, travel tips.
The book closes with an essay titled “Coda: Stephenie Meyer’s Brave Girls,” in which Beahm explains that Meyer’s lasting legacy will be how she’s inspired young teenage girls to pursue their dreams, no matter what they may be.

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